"When was the last time you waited five years for something?

Like, really, really waited?

Five years is an eternity when you’re counting down the days ‘till you get your driver’s license.

It seems even longer while you’re waiting to turn 21 so you can go grab a beer without any hassles or get into a bar so you can step up your game with the ladies. 

Other than that, there isn’t much else in life that young skateboarding folk yearn for, is there?

The interesting thing about skateboarders-more than any other lot of people out there today (except maybe the dweebs holding their breath for the next Star Wars film to be announced)-is how long they will endure the wait for a new skate video to come out, despite cock tease after cock tease from ads, trailers, release date delays, and so on.

These days it takes a little something extra to drum up this kind of anticipation from the skateboard community. we saw it happen with Fully Flared in 2008; then with Mind Field in 2009. Now, in 2010, thankfully, we have Emerica’s Stay Gold.

When the next “big one” will be is hard to tell. These videos are kinda like earthquakes, ya know? Good earthquakes, though. You wait, you worry, you get little tremors here and there, and then it hits you-blows your mind changes your life a little while or maybe longer…to the point where it’s burned into your brain. Forever.

And then the wait begins. Again. 

And sometimes you worry that nothing as good will ever come your way again-but you hope it does.

I’ve heard various people say that Stay Gold might be the last great skateboarding video as we currently know them (i.e. long-awaited DVDs for purchase at skateshops.)

Maybe so.

But what better way to debut the last great skateboarding video than with an open-air premiere at the Henry Ford Amphitheater, with live performances by Earthless and Dead Meadow, followed by one of the greatest and most-anticipated skate films of the decade and a surprise turning-pro party for Justin Figueroa?

No better way. Congrats, Figgy.

To all the Emerica dudes-John Miner, Mike Manzoori, Jeff Herderson, and of of course, the team riders-a hat tip and much gratitude for presenting us with the gift that gets seemingly harder and harder to give the world as time rolls on-an incredible skateboarding film.”

-Skateboard Magazine December 2010 issue

just because I love this video and the b-sides. because this was the perfect team. because I will never get rid of this issue.

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